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MEP Coordination Services

HLK Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineers, as well as designers work hand-in-hand with architects, civil engineers, owners, developers, and other specialty
project consultants, in order to develop the project documents covering every important aspect, facilities and site designs. Our MEP team members possess specialized and
well-trained expertise, equipped with latest technological systems and software. This ideal combination provides reliable design solutions, in addition to high-tech
options for different types of buildings, following engineering standards in accordance with our customer’s requirement and budget.

Electrical Service

HLK'S professional and certified electrical engineers’ team carries out electrical drafting, designing, and 3D modeling work for low voltage (LV) buildings’ work comprising system selection and distribution arrangement, network studies & analysis, electrical networking configuration...

Mechanical Service

HLK carries out mechanical engineering design and consultancy services relating to the distribution plant and control room design, asset condition surveys, computational fluid dynamics, pumping systems, motors, gearboxes, winches, drive systems and corrosion control...

Plumbing & Firefighting Service

Plumbing is a superficially simple part of a building's mechanical system. But many buildings require unique plumbing design requirements for complexity. A well-planned and designed plumbing system can significantly reduce the construction cost and provide flexibility in future building...