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BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not only a digital representation of a building project but also helps in expediting the exchange and use of information technologically within the proposed atmosphere. Recently it has turned out to play a very essential factor contributing to the proficient construction of projects.
At HLK Design, we thrive to utilize this modern approach and offer the best to our patrons employing the most updated software. Implementing this particular model has helped us create a well-planned design data for varied projects and also offer cost as well as time aids to our patrons.

Being a one stop solution for BIM Drafting and Modelling Services; HLK Designs ensures accuracy and no loss of information; helping professionals and owners make appropriate and favourable decisions.

Our Services

As one of the most sought after BIM service providers, HLK Design offers the following BIM Drafting and Modeling services:

  • Revit Drafting and Modeling
  • Revit Drafting and Modeling
  • BIM Facility Management
  • Scan to BIM
  • MEP BIM Services

Effectuating BIM technology along with our experienced team : we accommodate faster, complex and an even transfer of details amongst the architects, engineers and all other teams involved in design and execution. At HLK Design, we rationalize our customer’s needs and organize our procedures in the most efficient manner to deliver our best.

HLK Design Advantage

Our emphasis on executing excellence and quality ensures that HLK goes beyond the contracts and gains customer gratification.

We are equipped with expert manpower, state of the art engineering and technology to deliver projects that counterpart world class standards within agreed timeline.