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Architectural Drafting services & Architectural Rendering

architectural cad design services

architectural drafting & design

Conceptual designs

Services including preparing conceptual designs, transferring to working, and shop drawing for construction designing, preparation of construction documents, and construction supervision catering to commercial, residential and corporate

BIM Design & 3D Modeling

In the we are implementing the Building Information Modelling design system that supports our holistic approach of design. Through BIM technology we are able to provide a virtual design, detailed design drawings, and

Urban Planning And Landscaping Design

Urban planning, and landscaping design service is undertaken by our experienced team that includes architects, landscape designers, and urban planners. Through this service we are able to produce well designed masterplans unified

Sustainable Design

HLK is from the first architectural firms that comprise the sustainable design into our designs. Because we believe that good designs, and construction are going in hand with sustainability.

Design Coordination & Quality Control

Our emphasis on executing excellence and quality ensures that HLK goes beyond the contracts and gains customer gratification. We are equipped with expert manpower, state of the art engineering and technology to deliver