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MEP Outsourcing Services & MEP Engineering

While MEP work is requiring a special skills, we are looking to integrate them in the project complex design. HLK'S continually works toward a comfortable, and efficient MEP design. We are building aneconomic, environmental and social sustainability by utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach in all MEP operations. We focus on providing optimum solutions with the best valuable design to all our clients through the extensive use of in-house project teams with dedicated design leaders.HLK'S Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineers, and designers are working hand-in-hand with architects, civil engineers, owners, developers, and other specialty project consultants, in order to develop the project documents to cover all aspects, facilities, and the site designs. Our MEP team members has a specialist and well-trained expertise, equipped withlatest technological systems and software, who are together capable of providing reliable designs, in addition to high-tech solutions for different types of buildings, following the engineering standards, and our employer's requirement as well as budgets.Our MEP engineering team is offering a range of services includes MEP Drafting, Designing, Modelling, Automation, Coordination, and Outsourcing work, in case of undertaking projects individually or in corporation with other design and construction firms. We are confident on completing the project well within the stipulated timelines, and budget.The team will take the responsibility of verifying the Building Navigation Structure of all MEP coordination work, using the updated 3D MEP modelling software to detect fault, in addition management work to assure the smoothly progress of the undertaken project, because we care about our employer satisfaction.

Collaboration for Better Solutions

Our MEP engineering team is involved indifferentdesign projects,with many clients. All of our engineers has been given the opportunity to lead projects, and to work as a core team member. Working on many tasks with a variety of responsibilities helped our team members to build a deep knowledge base in different disciplines in mechanical design. They learn how to design flexible solutions that work for the present and the future. So, they can help you strike just the right balance between performance and cost. Our teams can provide you with assessments, recommend alternatives and work with you to design high-functioning systems to fit your specific needs.The MEP team at HLK'S view partnering as competitive, a multifunctioning team with the ability to provide a full technical design to our client. With partners we can be proactive and innovative to provide the most efficient cost effective design solution. We areapplying the latest innovative approaches in design engineering, generating ideas that work, by communicating with all project stakeholders. This helps us to deliver practical, cost effective design solutions, taking into account the factors that matter to the client, such as ease of operation and ongoing maintenance. Such partnership creates performance specification for mega and once in a life time projects.Our MEP engineering team is giving high priority tothe operational costs of most buildings, and work hardly in comprising a significant portion of it, in addition to the poorly operating equipment that leads to a substantial increasing of inefficiencies and unnecessary costs for building. As building infrastructure ages and deteriorates, it is also important that the MEP systems be kept up to date with the current code guidelines. For new buildings, as a third party, we can consult with clients to ensure that all MEP systems are designed in accordance with code standards through systematic design reviews and meetings with all other design and construction parties including architects, contractors, and installers.HLK'S responds to the need for today's designs facilities to meet future needs. This includes flexible and valid design systems, adapted for different uses in the upcoming years. With the support of our experienced electrical and mechanical engineering team, we extend the scope BIM from planning and design phase of the project to the entire building life-cycle - supporting cost management, construction management, project management, facility operations and much more.

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