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bim modeling services

BIM Consultancy:- HLK is the one of the leading BIM consultancy, working behind the scenes with some of the worldwide contractors, consultants and private clients. With BIM we are bringing together all the required information about building components at one place. It is a reliable tool that makes it possible for all design contributors to access design information, in order to integrate different aspects of design more effectively. Hence, we reduce the risk of discrepancies and minimize abortive costs. We create our BIM components (or objects) for your products. Typically a BIM component is an intelligent 3D model and families in 4D, which contains information content that will define the product properties such as thermal performance of the product, 3D geometry that defines the product’s physical appearance and even the functional data, such as clearance zones for electrical equipment.

BIM Architectural Design For our Architectural practice using Building Information Modelling, we provide virtual designs, and construction services using the latest advancements in BIM technology. We offer an advanced architectural solution based on the size and nature of your project. Whether you require a basic layout or a multifaceted, highly functional and complex 5D design, our BIM Architectural Services will help you find the most appropriate solution. Our BIM architectural design service offers conceptual design, supported with a fully designed spatial relationship and detailed 2D drawings, in addition to 3D models, geometry and animation video. We also offer our clients a completely studied light distribution drawing and analysis, as well as quantity survey and building components coordination drawings. This in turn helps in making our clients' vision visible.

Our BIM office in India serves the International market and customers throughout Asia and America. In addition, we are also working in collaboration with other companies in India, in order to deliver exceptional BIM Architectural Design and BIM 3D Modeling services to the government, education centers, private sector clients, and industrial planet owners. The firm's extensive services offer a range of planning and technical detailed designs for offices, industrial plants, restaurants, mixed uses and warehouse projects.

With the help of builders, contractors, architects and civil engineers we optimize our clients' needs in architectural detailing. With BIM architectural design and detailing services, we are also implementing our experience as well as expertise in preparing an accurate architecture detailed design drawing. Contractors from all engineering disciplines work by depending on the architectural detailed drawings to draft their shop-drawings and coordination. Therefore, it is imperious to place construction data as layers so that we could avoid modifications at a later stage.

HLK'S BIM team also provides 3D model BIM Rendering, and Walkthrough services to architectural firms, interior designers, builders and real estate firms. Our team of trained and qualified designers and engineers are experienced in addressing our clients' needs. HLK creates high detailed, realistic 3D architectural renderings for projects around the world by collaborating with architects, designers, developers, builders. We provide our clients with 3D rendered models, with the exact design, material and lighting of the schematic design, by showing people, furniture, fittings, and fixtures in one design model. Our Design team are expertise in using 3DS Max, Vray, Rhinoceros 3D, Skectchup and other rendering software’s.

  •   Preparing Draft Design drawings
  •   PreparingDesign and Construction Design 2-D drawings
  •   Creating a Parametric 3-Dmodel
  •   Fully rendered 3-D models for interior and exterior design.
  •   Presentation of the interior and exterior building elements 2-D and 3-D Animation or a Walkthroughs-Dynamic (VRML Model).
  •   Construction Detailed design and shop-drawing in 2-D drawings
  •   Quality Control Autodesk Revit software
  •   4-D Coordination with MEP infrastructure systems
  •   Preparing Quantities survey for all construction materials, specifications, and performance data
  •   Accurate Cost Estimating and material take-offs

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